Twitter Ads Using Twitter’s built in targetting to target a niche market

What can we do for your business?

  • Want to approach Twitter users and expand our SNS goals.

What are Twitter ads?

Twitter ads, are promoted tweets that show up in target users Twitter timeline.
Costs only incur when links on the ad are clicked or a user follows your account, depending on the CTA in place.

What are Twitter ads?

Twitter’s unique targeting allows for specifying target users.

Features of Twitter ads

Twitter boasts an overwhelming access rate in Japan

Twitter is Japan’s second leading social media platform with 40 million users compared with Facebook (25 million users).
With an active user rate of over 70%, Twitter has become a mainstay in social media advertising, and a great tool for approaching target users.

Twitter targeting

Unlike other ad platforms, Twitter allows for very specific targeting and ad distribution.

・Interest targeting
Distributing ads to users who follow specific twitter accounts or who have certain interests.

・Username targeting
Advertising to users who follow affiliate companies or industries with similar products and services.

・Keyword targeting
Distributing to users who have tweeted with specific keywords or phrases.

・TV targeting
Distributing ads to users who are watching certain TV shows or specific genres.

Targeting users with specific characteristics
Approaching new users who you can create a sustainable relationship with and reach out to users who would have an interest in following you.

Important to have well thought out and creative ads

It is important to create ads that will get the user’s attention through their own timeline, distributing ads that are made well and stand out is a must.

Operation example

Movie promotion

Movie promotion

Using a well known actor to appear in handle targeting to increase the awareness of the movie release. We also implemented target keywords for fans of similar movies that were being released at a similar time.

Promotion for large car manufacturer

Promotion for large car manufacturer

Using keyword targeting for ads in unison with TV commercial, to target users who would be using their smart phone at the same time the commercial ran.

Promotion for cosmetic e-commerce site

Promotion for cosmetic e-commerce site

Using specific keywords such as `acne` and `rough skin` as well as building custom audiences based on email addresses.