SNS Community Expansion Organic Branding

What can we do for your business? Low cost promotion targeting millions of users.

  • Do you want organic expansion?
  • Do you want to expand and gain recognition through TV commercials and programs?
  • Do you want to lessen the cost of campaigns?
  • Do you want to transmit third party information?

SNS community expansion service (Tweepie)

A service that allows you to advertise your goods or services in the form of Tweets or Shares by your members on Twitter and Facebook. Using your members to appeal to users with specifically created sentences as testimonials, linked to URLs or your site for a higher increase in user activity.
Connecting people on social media
■ Communication tool among customers
■ Consumers transmitting and receiving information
■ Consumer information will only be transmitted of those who are established on social media platforms

Information is passed on organically through consumer interaction allowing for a more responsive communication tool.
Selective information passed between friends and acquaintances are more likely to have a beneficial impact on the user, expansion through information.

SNS community expansion service (Tweepie)

Service Features Organic SNS Community Expansion (Tweepie)

Immediate reach to thousands of users

With a maximum reach of 40 million users, the possibilities of user acquisition are endless.
※Reach = number of Tweepie users and their own followers
Using Tweepie, not only do you reach your own followers on Twitter but posts are expanded to a number of Twitter accounts through Tweepie users and their followers

All Tweets through Tweepie are distributed in real time so followers will be kept up to date.
To increase traffic, Tweets and posts will be scheduled in unison with other advertising campaigns, for example posts to be uploaded during specific TV commercials for maximum impact.

Efficient & Prompt

When users comment and press the Tweet button, that users Twitter followers will be displayed immediately. This will also allow for a large number of Twitter followers of certain users to view the posts efficiently.

Due to the quick response and efficiency of this application, it allows for short campaigns to have big effects.
In addition, it takes less than an hour for Tweepie to start.

Increase in trend potential, leading to viral spread

Using Twitter for PR statements (with user comments on products) will spread quickly through users with similar interests, leading to an increase in trend and a possibility of said product going viral.

Appeal to the users point of view

Third party evaluation is very important for users who are on the fence about making a purchase.
By using Tweepie, you are getting the real voice of customers to spread the word about your product or service, this allows for a swift distribution of your company appeal through Twitter.
Twitter’s RT function in particular is a great tool when used effectively.

Service Cases

Video promotion

Video promotion

Budget:¥500,000 Period:45 days

Using perfect timing we are able to gain 3 times as many PVs as normal video promotions, from 6,000 PVs to 30,000!

Matchmaking service

Matchmaking service

Budget:¥200,000 Period:1 week

Creating smartphone content that will be more effective than traditional advertising. Rather than a short spurt on Twitter that disappears we created advertising that maintained its goal even after the initial period.

Beverage manufacturer

Beverage manufacturer

Budget:¥200,000 Period:1day

Creating a video for a specific holiday campaign, we were able to achieve our target in just 1 day.