PR (Public Relations) Net strategy operations

What can we do for your business?

  • Advertising our brand but not sure how to increase awareness.
  • Want to show off your new service.
  • Not sure how to introduce your serivce through a range of media outlets.
  • Don’t have the know how to expand advertising.

Using J・Grip
We do not only expand your release through various media outlets, we help with planning and support for the best possible results.



From planning the release of new products to arranging the right media outlets to release through.

Release production

We will create press releases that are easily accessible and can be expanded through a number of media outlets.
We provide services from release distribution to negotiations with media outlets.

Why J・Grip

Reason 1

Our specialist PR staff have previously worked in the entertainment business and have extensive knowledge in how to expand through an array of media outlets.

Reason 2

We are able to provide services not only through online media but maintain good relationships with a number of media outlets in print media. We can plan the best route to take to expand your brand.

50 Targeted publications for PR, however eventually exceeded over 300 and trended on Twitter!

Work flow


Step 1

Understanding your current situation.


Step 2

Planning PR approach.


Step 3

Creating the press release.


Step 4

Approaching various media outlets.