Map Engine Optimization Increasing Store Traffic

What can we do for your business? Increasing visibility on Google Maps to increase foot traffic to your store.

  • Do you want to attract more customers to your store?
  • Do you want to approach smart phone users?

What is MEO services?

MEO (map engine optimization) is a service provided by Google, when searching for specific keywords your company’s location will be seen at a higher rank on Google Maps. Allowing for extra exposure rather than solely on search page, location analysis allows for a higher probability of contact.

What is MEO services?

MEO Features

Clear sense of user intention

By understanding user interests in specific industries through their region, we can curate displays to target users who are most likely to convert into customers.

Published on the first page of organic searches

By utilizing MEO, we can ensure that organic searches will place your company at the top of Google Maps.

"Keyword degree of interest" x "exclusive shop page" = high conversion

Utilizing both location and the interest of target users under clearly defined target keywords, to obtain proficient and effective searches.
By creating your own individual store on Google Places you can increase the likeability of your brand through well thought out photos and information which will in turn lead customers to your own home page or store.