Listing Advertising Operation Maximise the number of customers through search engines

What can we do for your business? We offer a thorough operation for cost effective results and an increase in sales.

  • Do you have someone in-house in charge of this?
  • Are organic searches ending in poor results?
  • Are inquiries not increasing through your advertising?  
  • Does increasing click bids have no effect on the increase in sales?

What is paid search advertising?

Using Japan’s largest search engine networks (Google & Yahoo!) to increase advertising results through tailored keywords.

What is paid search advertising?


Yahoo! Promotion Advertising & Sponsored Search

Using Yahoo!JAPAN and Yahoo! a partner sites, to deliver search advertising at the right place for best results.
An excellent, cost efficient approach to directly target the users you want for your goods and services. Using a pay-per-click system where continuous display ads are only billed once ads have been clicked.

Google AdWords / Keyword Targeting

Using Google, and/or Google partner sites for top of the range search advertisement. Ads placed at both top and bottom of the screen in conjunction with searched for keywords.
Using a pay-per-click system where continuous display ads are only billed once ads have been clicked.

Why J・Grip?

1. Top level professionals for Yahoo! Promotion Advertising and Google AdWords.

Not only is J-Grip a one star Yahoo! Promotions ad agency, J Grip is a Google AdWords formal agent and a Premier Google Partner. We are professionals who possess the highest qualifications in dealing with both Yahoo! Promotion Ads and Google AdWords.

2. From landing pages to total problem solving power.

J-Grip’s power stems from its know how in listing advertisement, creating a year on year increase in our customers’ ambitions and results, we continue to adapt and change to produce top class keyword planning and advertisement structures. J-Grip also creates landing pages that sync effortlessly with advertising for the best possible operations, drawing maximum success.

3. Latest features responding to updates and specification changes

The world of advertising is continuously changing, with updates and specification remodeling, to listing ads always being adjusted for the best possible outcomes. Working closely with both Yahoo and Google, J-Grip is consistently on the front lines ready and aware of any changes that will not only allow for smooth transactions but keep our clients at the top alongside us. J-Grip also test and implement new features for our media and listing ads on a regular basis.

J-Grip Management Objectives

Thorough keyword selections

Keyword selection is the foundation of listing advertising. Using big keywords or easily accessible keywords is a great way to increase easy conversion, however this leads to an increase in cost per click on a yearly basis.
Finding keywords that have a high return on conversion but a low search rate is an important part of listing advertising, reducing CPC and increasing conversion. J Grip performs thorough keyword testing to create lists with the best cost performance ratio.

Creating effective advertisement phrases

Keyword placement in ad phrases is extremely important.
Comparing with competitors to create an advertisement campaign that yields the greatest return of CTR.
While testing through multiple patterns of advertisement phrases, we will work tirelessly to find the statements that not only increase CTR but improve your conversion rate. We strive to always find the most effective operation method.

Hypotheses→Execution→Verification→Improvement …Continue to improve over a short period of time.

Through listing advertising we can: digest budget, contact through specific keywords (conversion amount), finalization (conversion rate) cost per action (CPA), and we will provide a close examination on cost-effective conclusions to your advertising.
Full time staff are in place to take the correct measures in improving ads on the basis of all data. Using a bottle neck system to provide the best possible outcome. Personnel are experts in not only access analysis and listing ads but in solving problems and creating a flow from the point of view of the overall market.

Specific delivery to target users & devices

Creating advertising that not only targets user demographics, age etc. but by specific device on optimal days/times of the week.
※The clearer the target, the more cost efficient the advertising.

Subdivision accounts to match the best keywords, ad text and links

Using a number of ad groups to test the market efficiently, we find the best combination of keywords and ads. Optimizing the best outcome of each to create an optimum ad group, improving the subsequent operations.
Account configuration to match keywords and advertising texts to a specific destination to improve operations.

Introduction Example

Job Site Budget ¥1,000,000  Period 5 months

Job Site Budget ¥1,000,000 Period 5 months


    ・Not able to verify registered keywords as reliable for conversions, resulting in only partial matches.
    ・Setting original negative keywords
    ・Using only one ad text
    ・A budget of ¥1,000,000 yielding CPA of ¥20,000. The assigned budget is not even close to being met.


    ・Using exact match, broad match and partial match and a pre-production of keyword selection investigation to create a list of keywords with highest conversion rate.
    ・Keywords and negative keywords added periodically, continuing to update search for best results.
    ・Running a 2 patterns advertisement parallel with each other to compare and improve each for best CTR.


    ・In the first month CPA dropped to ¥15,000 and with operation improvement decreased to ¥10,000 or less.
    ・Understanding a budget of 10 million yen to create a stable CPA will lead to a much better cost value performance.


Basic Plan

Account creation and configuration, automated trafficking and day to day operations. Regular listing plan.

・Account creation & configuration – tracking and other management services
・Monthly report
・6 month contract period

¥100,000~ without tax

Account Configuration Plan(Spot)

A thorough look into existing site, creating a plan to configure a one off account. Account configuration and design is first and foremost when considering listing advertising.

・Account creation & configuration – tracking and other management services
・Monthly report

¥100,000~ without tax

Listing Account Analysis Plan(Spot)

Shared login information for account management, analysis of the account and current situation of operations. Report with information of improvements that can be made. Improvement points and information to be shared through regular meetings.

・Operational account analysis
・Listing improvement plan report
・Regular meetings

¥100,000~ without tax