Instagram Ads

What are Instagram ads?

Using the same platform as Facebook to distribute Instagram ads, we target existing users through Instagram.

What are Instagram ads?

Benefits of Instagram ad

Attracting users who can’t be reached through banner ads

Rather than the ad text being good or bad, the results depends on how good the creativity is. Through Instagram ads we were able to reach a whole new set of users we previously could not target.

Increase appeal through movies

We used video ads on both Instagram & Facebook. Having a short video that guided users to our site allowed our brand to stand out against others.

Features of Instagram ads

Features of Instagram ads

Facebook’s ad platform targets specific characteristics including; age, gender, region, interests, education, employment etc. can easily be transferred to Instagram advertising.

Main audience = young women

Most Instagram users are females ranging from 13 – 30. E.g targeting young women for fashion products and services will yield high results.

Creativity is key

Instagram users are drawn to posts that are beautiful or cute. Having ads that focus on creativity will improve results.

How J-Grip utilizes Instagram Ads

1. Careful selection of advertising materials.

J-Grip always looks to achieve the best possible results through our advertising. Our design team works tirelessly to produce the highest quality images for all our clients.

2. Detaching ads from Facebook operations

Although Instagram uses the same advertising platform as Facebook, and will distribute via the same default process, J-Grip is able to detach operations between the two for a more precise and effective approach to Instagram ads, increasing potential user interaction.

3. Unique target design for Instagram

Creating target designs for Instagram in the same vein as Facebook we can narrow down the target user. However, in order create a better result for Instagram targeting and improve CPA we look at many cases where distribution has had a greater effect to create the best possible campaigns each time.

Operation example

Mail order cosmetics

Mail order cosmetics

Using detailed targeting through Facebooks algorithm, we were able to not just target users who were interested in cosmetics, but use demographics such as celebrity names and TV shows.

Acquiring user information

Acquiring user information

At first we used custom audiences to target potential users which led to high CV but the initial CPC was expensive. By changing to a more creative style and using 3 patterns to establish which had the best results we were able to further increase CV whilst reducing CPC.