Data Feed Creation, Product List Advertising etc. Creating product data to have the most efficient advertising distribution.

What can we do for your business? Creating a large amount of customers from shopping search engines.

  • Do you want to advertise you EC site to a larger audience?
  • Do you want to effectively expose your brand and increase CV?

What is Data Feed Creation Service? Using product data for efficient ad distribution.

It is essential to create a data feed that matches the Google Product List ads to go along with your dynamic re-marketing formats.

Features of Data Feed creations service

Corresponds with both Google and Facebook formats

As well as Google product listing ads and dynamic re-marketing, we can also create data feed that syncs with Facebook re-targeting formats.

Implementation can be utilized through several outlets not just e-commerce

Don’t think Data Feed creation is used just for e-commerce. Travel, HR, Property, education are just a few industries that are utilizing data feeds, with infinite opportunities, customizing is key and the possibilities are endless.

You don’t need product data output

Using our crawler system, even if you don’t have output for your product data we can still create a data feed. Using a specific time and daily schedule to collect the pertinent product data, advertising data will always be up to date with the latest information.

Features of J-Grips Data Feed creation

1. One stop implementation from advertising operations to data feed creation

Although J-Grip is happy to just create your data feed, using that information we can collaborate it with advertisements. J-Grip has been a leader in ad distribution from the beginning and using this knowledge we have in unison with data feed we can produce top results.

2. Implement without troubling your customers

Regular data feed creation services will require at least some input from customers when installing product information and tags. At J-Grip we pick up information automatically, using Google Tag Manager for the same performance output.


Creating a data feed had initial implementation costs that occured seperately from advertising costs, however the CPA decreased dramtically. By delivering the right information to the right user through GDN, Facebook and other advertising methods we were able to hit the precise users which accelerated the results even more than expected.

Operation example

Human Resources (Job search) site

Human Resources (Job search) site

Using retargeting to attract users who browsed for similar job information. With a lot of information regarding jobs accessing the correct page would be difficult. By implementing a system that was quoted at about 60% less than others had companied, we were not only able to see great results but at a lower price too.

EC Site

EC Site

Using retargeting to increase the number of viewers and shoppers to our EC site, with a large number of products this was helpful in showcasing what we had to offer to the right users. In addition we implemented Google shopping and listing ads and we saw an increase of results in areas we previously could not reach